Stories of answering calls from abroad

To the experience of answering a phone call from abroad / To the experience of answering a phone call from abroad

Stories of answering calls from abroad I have a story about a conversation I had with an Englishman when I answered a phone call from overseas. I've had to answer the phone from overseas because of my job. My daughter traveled to the U.S. for summer vacation last year and I answered an unexpected phone call from overseas but I have answered many calls from overseas. I work at a welfare facility and I have a story to tell about an experience I had when I answered a call from overseas. I was visiting a local store when I received a call from someone speaking a foreign language in the store. The store owner was elderly and at first he thought it was a prank call. After some conversation the person on the other end of the line did not speak Japanese and the store owner panicked a little. I thought the shopkeeper was having a hard time because my English was not good either and the shopkeeper asked me to speak for him. They seemed to think that someone younger in age could speak English so they requested to switch places with me. I was not confident in my English but I tried my best to connect the words I remembered to make a conversation. I managed to respond to the phone call but when I was suddenly asked to take over I was very upset. I found out after the call that she wanted to express her appreciation because she had enjoyed some delicious sweets from a nearby store. I was very surprised because this was a store that did not receive any calls from foreigners. It seems that the word is spreading among people traveling to Japan and the store owner is studying English. Copyright (C)2021An experience of answering a call from abroad.All rights reserved.

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